Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

Potret: Robert Downey Jr.

Sebabkan aku rasa semngat lepas download brush baru, maka aku try lukis potret Robert Downey Jr. Kenapa Robert Downey Jr? Entah la, maybe sebab aku suka Ironman kot.

Ok, aku start dengan buat lakaran guna brush Penciller saiz 10. Ni untuk asas lakaran je.


Lepas tu aku gunakan warna biru sebagai warna latar belakang.

robertBlueAku suka guna warna biru sebab ia nampak macam lukisan atas Canson paper dan nampak lebih lembut. Tambahan pula, warna biru adalah warna penggenap untuk warna kulit. Itu pendapat aku la..

Lepas tu aku warna la. Senang kan?

RobertDowneyOk la, kalau korang tak caya camner aku draw, korang leh tengok video ni. Speed painting camner aku lukis Robert Downey Jr. Enjoy.

Itu je untuk kali ni. Lain kali aku update lagi.

Costum Brush

Malam ni terasa sangat panas sehingga rasa susah hendak tido. Semua member-member di ruang sembang dah lama offline. Aku buka browser dan mula download beberapa brush tambahan untuk Photoshop CS4. Akhirnya aku dapat koleksi brush yang agak sempoi dari Saejin yang berasal dari Korea. Blog beliau - http://saejinoh.blogspot.com/

brush01 Download dari sini: http://www.mediafire.com/?ynnamhwjz20

Setakat ni, inilah costum brush terbaik pernah aku jumpa unuk digital painting. Lupakan koleksi brush air atau awan yang nampak sangat menipu nyer. Aku belum try semua brush dalam ni tapi dari beberapa hasil cubaan sebelum ni, brush ni agak baik. Aku cuba brush ‘Penciller’ dan ‘Sparkling Vampires’ dan aku sangat-sangat berpuas hati dengan hasilnya.


Sejak akhir-akhir ni aku dapati aku lebih kerap menggunakan Photoshop berbanding software lain. Painter pun aku dah uninstall. Sketchbook Pro pun dah jarang buka. Maybe komputer aku lebih sesuai dengan Photoshop nie.

Lepas ni aku akan tunjukkan artwork yang menggunakan brush ni. Later.

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

More dump of the day

What did I draw last week? Hmm.. Lets see..


Look here.. Look at my hand.. Now give me your money!


My multimedia speaker. Enough said..


character005 What are you looking, Superman?

Still looking for a good story to create an animation. Any ideas?

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Another portrait

My painting(s) have improve. Am I flattering myself? Forget about it. I want to show you another portrait requested from Sabah. Click the picture for higher resolution.


As usual, I include the the step and progress for this painting. Need I say more? Click the picture for higher resolution so you don’t have to squint your pity eyes.


More portraits coming up after this.

Khamis, 7 Oktober 2010

Quick sketches..

I think I would want to create a short Flash animation. So I start with a few sketches to get some ideas. At this point, I still don’t have any idea about the storyline whatsoever.


First attempt to draw a samurai. No reference used.


Second attempt to draw a samurai. No reference used. He looked so stiff and rigid!


Ahh.. Ninjai. So cute but yet so brutal.

sketch08    Hmm. I think I might get something here.

Rabu, 6 Oktober 2010

Meet my partner..

Some years ago, when I study art and graphic design, the only device that available to produce digital artwork is (you guessed it) keyboard and mouse. I (and other students) were struggling to use the keyboard shortcuts and drawing curves using the pen tools. Fortunately, the CTRL+Z shortcut give us freedom to explore using trial and error.

After several years struggling with keyboard and mouse, I thought there must be a better way to draw without using keyboard and mouse. Then I found out about drawing tablet.

Why using drawing tablet? Because mouse is never fit to do digital drawing. Yes, you can trace perfect line using pen tools. But try to draw your own signature using mouse. You may feel awkward. It just doesn’t feel right. It’s not natural.


(Promotion starts here) Introducing, my (new) partner in drawing and digital painting: Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. As the name suggests, it support pen input as well as touch input. Despite that, I’m using pen as my primary input device (I use mouse when playing games).

The device has quite small surface and 4 big buttons on the side. I have a small working area and this device doesn’t cramp up my workspace. It’s sits perfectly on my workspace. The surface area is unique as some my quote ‘pencil on paper feel’. Yup, it’s true. It DOES feel like drawing using pencil on paper. Unlike Intuos or Graphire series that feel slippery like drawing on ice.

Unfortunately, the pen nib will eventually wears out. If you’re using the pen long enough, you will notice the nib will become shorter. Not to mention the surface will full of ‘scars’. Luckily, you can wipe the surface area with clean cloth. Wacom also include extra nib which really a life saver.

Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch is really responsive and very comfortable to use. If you’re doing digital painting and can’t afford to buy expensive drawing tablet, Wacom Bamboo is a good choice. Price ranges from RM280 –RM400. I highly recommend it. (End of promotion)

Harvest of the day

I don't know what to put here, so I just dumping my sketches from previous days.

I don't know why I drew this..

Hm.. maybe I can think of something.. err.. better..

The Penguin’s Past Time – Digital Painting

This painting was requested by Cik Fara and she says she wanted a painting that can bring calm, peace and joy. I’m not sure why she asked for that but I had some ideas for the painting. So here it is. Open your eyes, folks..

It takes around 10 hours to get this done. But it was worth it. I do enjoy painting with Photoshop and my Bamboo. It’s like were meant to be together. No, I’m not Wacom-fetish.

As a bonus, I include the ‘behind the scene’ shots. Click the links below to see the hi-res version, says Captain Obvious.

Hi-res version

And, as a final note, penguins DO fly.

Isnin, 4 Oktober 2010

Where am I?

Map picture

This is where i live now. Come and have a visit at Kuala Terengganu.

Because I can't sleep..

The night is cold with gentle breeze. The room is dark and my fan is spinning like a turbo intercooler. The time is 4.30 am and I can't even have a little sleep except a few blinks. My PC's still on and I woke up, grab my tablet, fire up Photoshop and this is what happened..

Congratulation to Nasha Naim, for transforming from 'Ms' to 'Mrs'.

What have I done..

A compilation of sketches that I drew ages ago. It’s not pretty, I know. Tell me about it. Now I’m using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro with Wacom Bamboo. I just love it. Don’t get me wrong. I still use Painter and Photoshop for my works, but Sketchbook allow me to draw freely and intuitively. Thanks Sketchbook!













What I’m trying to achieve here? I try to improve my understanding in anatomy and try to draw and sketch faster. Most of my sketches were done in 5-10 minutes. I hope I can draw faster and much better than this. Hey, I gotta start from somewhere right?

Ahad, 3 Oktober 2010

Time-lapse Painting in Photoshop

Time-lapse painting of my friend. I'm using Photoshop CS4 with Wacom Bamboo. The whole process takes 2 hours. Enjoy.

Takkan baca je? Komen sikit..